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*ATTENTION* this is a pre-order. Syringes have an estimated ship date of 21st June, 2024 ~ PLEASE be aware that any regular items ordered with a pre-order item will all ship together on the release date.


Saturn is a di-mon cross by Yoshi of TAT Black Cap x Melmak Revert Archaic Revival, the albino fruits first appeared for community member Garry Bannister who sent the culture back to Yoshi. After working with the culture for several generations some extremely unique growths began popping up, which were isolated. Tidepool is one of these wild cultures isolated during this project. Expect some variation in your observations!


Our isolated spore syringes are stabilized for vigor and tested at multiple stages for cleanliness to ensure the highest level of quality for your microscopy needs. They are one of the most beginner friendly entry points to this exciting world!


Product includes: 1x 10ml syringe, 1x sterile needle 

Albino Saturn "Tidepool" isolated spore syringe

Ship Date: 21st June 2024
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