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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a good chance that the answer to your question is in this list!

General Questions

Do you have a storefront?

Everything is done by mail order only at this time. 

How do I grow mushrooms?

We strictly sell spores for taxonomic and microscopy purposes ony, please understand we cannot discuss cultivation or any other uses.

Do you sell mushrooms?

Dino Spores does not sell mushrooms of any kind. 

Do you sell LC or colonized agar?

Dino Spores only sells spore swabs and prints at this time.

Shipping Questions

How will I know my order has shipped?

After we have processed your order, you will receive an email with tracking information. BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY. BAD ADDRESSES WILL NOT RECEIVE TRACKING INFORMATION. Orders are normally shipped within 1-3 business days. 

Is shipping discrete?

We use plain mailers and there is no mention of mushrooms, spores, etc on the package

Bad Address / Return to Sender

When you place an order through our site, please take the time to ensure you enter your address and email correctly. Orders placed with bad addresses will be delayed and potentially returned to our PO Box. Reshipment is possible in this event, but you will be required to pay the associated fees. If you need to change your address, please change it in your account settings or email us immediately -

My package was stolen, can you help?

WE DO NOT REPLACE STOLEN ITEMS. We provide tracking on all domestic orders to help inform our customers when their packages will arrive, after leaving it is out of our control. On a case-by-case basis we will offer you a discounted price to re-order your items. THANKS FOR UNDERSTANDING.

Do you ship internationally?

International shipping is available, but we cannot guarantee arrival. If the customer assumes the risk, Dino Spores will do it's very best to get the shipment delivered.

Do you ship to California, Georgia, or Idaho?

We do not ship active mushrooms spores to Georgia, California, or Idaho. Spores are currently banned for import to GA, CA and ID. Billing addresses to these 3 states are ok. 

Payment Questions

How will I know my payment was received?

If you pay by credit card, the funds are sent at the end of the checkout process. We heart react cashapp payments so you know we received them. There isn't a good way to notify customers with Zelle, but if you haven't received a shipping confirmation within 2-3 business days following payment please contact us at

Paying with Cashapp

Payments can be sent to $DinosporesLLC, please include your order number (and nothing else) in the note

Paying with Zelle

Payments can be sent to, please include your order number (and nothing else) in the note

Paying with Credit Card

We now accept all major credit cards. You can pay for the order directly through the site 

Do you accept any other payment apps?

Now you can pay using any major credit card.

Do you accept Bitcoin or any other crypto?

Sorry, not at this time

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