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Low Spore Umbo is the latest isolation by Yoshi from the Yellow Umbo project that produces dramatically less spores. Initially we assumed these were sterile, but after doing some microscopy were pleasantly surprised to find mature pigmented spores present on the gills. The pigmented spore is what gives the mushroom gill the purple coloration we are familiar with. In this case there are purple spores present but they are in such low numbers, that the gills appear almost white to our eyes.


Yellow Umbo (Ps natalensis x Ps cubensis 'Jack Frost') is the first documented hybrid of P.cubensis with another species!! This was acheived by Yoshi via pairing of monokaryons of Ps cubensis and Ps natalensis that were gathered through serial streaking and some novel microscopy techniques developed with the help of Kilor Diamond. Each step of the process was verified using microscopy and also through interspecific verification testing done by Imperial Labs. This project is a momentous acheivement in home mycology. 


Our isolated spore syringes are stabilized for vigor and tested at multiple stages for cleanliness to ensure the highest level of quality for your microscopy needs. They are one of the most beginner friendly entry points to this exciting world!


Product includes: 1x 10ml syringe, 1x sterile needle 

Low Spore Umbo (nat x cube) isolated spore syringe

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