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This potent blob isolation comes from Yoshi. Dave Wombat grew a pigmented variety called "Huautla" which was collected by sporeworks in the vicinity of Oaxaca, Mexico (well known home of the legendary curandera, Maria Sabina) . Dave managed to isolate an albino variant from Huautla that is a gorgeous tub filler similar in appearance to WTAT. From this a wild mutation emerged with irregular gills, long twisted stipes, curled caps, etc.. Dave named it in honor of Maria Sabina and sent Yoshi a swab of this randomly. Yoshi germinated it and the "flower" blobs spontaneously emerged in the first grow. He took tissue samples, isolated the odd growths, and also sent some to Jordan Jacobs at Tryp Labs for hplc potency analysis (which came back with a 2.09% alkaloid content!). We now have put out a few different variants of the culture, they all produce blobs but some also will create more "traditional" looking albino fruits.



Maria Sabina Flowers

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