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"Minami Okinawa"

The south numbing mushroom

(I copied this info straight from a post by Dan Parr at the Minami Self Help Group , a small group dedicated to the cultivation of this relatively new, wild collected Ps cubensis)

Minami Okinawa (Minami-chan for good friends) is a wild Ps Cubensis initially collected in Japan.

The fruit that gave us the first spore print was collected in Ishigaki Island map

closer to Taiwan than to Okinawa proper.

The actual Ps cubensis name in Japanese is Minami Shibiretake, ミナミ シビレタケ (south numbing mushroom). Minami is also a normal girl’s name. So that’s why “Minami Okinawa” was chosen.

Minami Okinawa spores

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